Trendy 2019 Holiday Party Ideas

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Year after year, the holiday celebrations seem to drone on with everybody sitting at the table on their phones and avoiding the awkward small talk with relatives that they barely see in the first place. This year, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s be honest: doing the same types of parties every year with only the food to look forward to is getting old! These 2019 party trends are here to help you change your holiday celebrations from same, boring old traditions to new, fun and memorable gatherings. Here are 2019’s most trendy and hassle-free holiday party ideas:

Holiday Pajama Party

During the holidays, the best feeling is curling up in bed in your pajamas on those snowy mornings without school or work to worry about. Why not carry this into your holiday celebrations with a pajama-themed holiday party? Dressing up for the holidays is a thing of the past and being comfortable and casual is a major hit for 2019. Have your friends and family over in their most festive pajamas and their fluffiest blankets with the Netflix holiday movies ready to watch.

Worst Present Party

Christmas shopping is the bane of everyone’s existence during the holidays. With the bustling shopping centres with literally zero parking, and all the online stock sold out—it gets pretty old. So, this year, instead of brainstorming for hours on what to get your friends and family, why not just get them something they don’t want? That’s right, the worst present party is an up and coming trend that’s perfect for the most memorable and hilarious Christmas gatherings yet. And let’s not forget the stress-free shopping experience. You definitely won't be getting jealous of anyone's presents at this gift swap.

Holiday Photo Booth Party

In 2019, you can bet that the phones are going to stay out during holiday celebrations. Almost everybody spends their time documenting every step of their holiday experience on social media, so why not turn it into a group experience? If you can’t beat em’, join em’ with a holiday photo booth! Bring on wholesome or hilarious memories of cheerful photos with loved ones that you can post online or to just take for fun. No fancy camera needed: you can simply use a clip on mobile lens for professional, high quality images and some holiday props that can be found at your local dollar store and voila! An entertaining holiday experience that’s fun for all.

The spirit of giving isn’t only reserved for friends and family. Spice up the office party by using some of these ideas in the work place too! Get customized gifts for co-workers, employees or even clients to spread the holiday spirit this season.

I hope these holiday party themes have helped shed some light on this season’s holiday trends and what you can do to make this year’s gatherings more memorable and more fun than ever before, without breaking your back or your bank! May you have a joyous holiday season with the most unforgettable celebrations yet.

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