Top 2020 New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. The gyms are filled, the motivation is high, and social media is littered with posts about goals, reflections, and gratitude. New Year Resolutions are flying high. According to a variety of sources, the top three new year goals always tend to be to get in shape, get organized, and lastly, to travel. Sound familiar? We’ve all tried them, and whether it has been successful or not, we can all agree that they get can difficult to attain—especially without the right help.

Here are some helpful ways to get that bit closer to your ultimate goals for the fresh new year:

One of the hardest resolutions to fulfill—getting fit. More than saving money, working out and staying away from heavy calories can be one of the hardest challenges to overcome. Keeping track of your wellness can not only get pricey, but also tasking. Thanks to Spector and Co.’s line of fitness products, Specfit, you don’t have to be alone in this journey—at least, not without the right products. Keep track of all your progress with Specfit’s Sport Watch/Pedometer. Available in 8 fun, stylish colors, this silicone watch serves as not only a step counter, but also as a calorie burn calculator and distance counter. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your hard work and progress in real time, giving you that extra push to reach your goals. Want a more relaxing workout? Specfit also carries a low-lead PVC yoga mat, Raja, for all your calming exercises. Comfortable and convenient, the mat can be rolled up and easily transported with the included black harness and strap.

Getting organized can be overwhelming, especially when tasks and items are all over the place. Where do you even start? How do you even begin to coordinate, prioritize, and set clear goals amid a massive pile of clutter? Don’t let the mess discourage you from your goals. Take control with Spector and Co.’s wallet organizers and journals. The Donald, Soft Cover Refillable Journal, is perfect for keeping your things in one place when you’re on the go. Open the cover to find a card slot and a vinyl bookmark. Keep your thoughts organized with 96 ivory lined, perforated pages; allowing you to focus on various ideas, projects, and even keep track of goals such as saving money—another popular new year resolution.

So you’ve checked off your goals. Gotten fit, sorted out responsibilities, and started saving more money. What’s next? Travelling! New year resolutions are all about going out, trying new things, and exploring life—so why not make travelling a part of it? Take to the skies with the right products to give yourself the most comfortable trips. Spector and Co.’s collections have everything for the travelling enthusiast, with items ranging from passport holders, organizers, tags, to the Ashbury line of bags and luggage. The perfect carry-on for your travels comes from the Collection X, Total Access Backpack. Loaded with a fully-padded laptop compartment and exterior pocket for full stationary & media organizer. Keeping important items close on travel has never been this easy!

New Year resolutions are a fun way to explore other sides of yourself—to take yourself on adventures of discovery, attain goals you didn’t know you were capable of ever reaching, and giving yourself a fresh perspective on current responsibilities and events. Make these resolutions easy, fun, and adventurous the right way: with proper gear, a proper attitude, and a lot of excitement! I hope these tips help you make the best of your new goals and help you get the results you want. Happy New Year!

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