Tips on How to Keep your Work Life Organized

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Organization is the key element behind any type of productivity. The more ordered your environment, the more motivation one will have to get work done. Sadly, the feelings of procrastination and discouragement often tend to tug us the other way, and before we know it, the time is up, and our work has piled on for yet another day.

Here are 3 important tips to make the best of each day, every day:

1. Keep it orderly

Nobody likes clutter. Research has shown that a messy environment tends to yield negative results and hinder motivation. When tackling a new project or trying to finish one up, it’s important to have everything at its place. Appoint areas for all your stationary, your electronics, and various other work materials. Keep separate notebooks for different projects, and loose paper should always be filed away in a folder. Your workstation is like a second home, so make sure it’s comfortable. A good way to organize the small bits and ends of your stationary is with Spector & Co.’s Bamboo Desktop Organizer. It can hold your writing instruments, business cards, and even your smartphone all in one convenient container, saving you space.

2. Keep it simple

There’s nothing more overwhelming than a thousand words hitting you at once. Long and overcomplicated instructions can lead to confusion, which in turn can lead to discouragement of wanting to start or finish a project. Break it down: section up an assignment, complete it in steps, and keep it organized.

3. Manage your time

The secret ingredient to any successful project: Time Management. If you don’t prioritize your time, every other aspect of your work will fall apart. Along with keeping your tasks and projects simple, it’s extremely important to complete them in a timely manner. Give yourself designated breaks and stick to them in order to keep enough time for your work. Once a proper schedule has been formed, try your best not to alter it in order to avoid delays and postponing work.

If you respect the guidelines you set for yourself, any type of work should be a breeze, whether that be in your personal or professional life. Productivity is an important part of a happy and healthy life, so both your wellbeing and your productivity are benefited.

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