The Hiking Survival Guide

Only 4 easy steps to plan your next greatest hike.

I took a hiking intensive last semester in college, and I was thoroughly surprised to find out how fun it was and how beautiful the sceneries on a hiking trail are.

Not only is it a cardio exercise, but it’s also weight training; it builds strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and more!

It’s an all-in-one workout without you having to feel like an awkward potato at the gym by yourself! Obviously, if you’re a complete newbie to working out and suddenly go on a hike, you may feel cranky and want to punch nature in the face, then run home and watch Netflix. However, in this article, I’ll further explore ways to start out hiking so you can experience all the benefits and beauty of it without the unadulterated rage toward nature.

Steps to planning Your Greatest Hike Yet:

1) Determine your level

If you’ve never hiked before, you might not want to start hiking up the Swiss Alps. Start off easy and slow; try to plan out a walk that is only a few hours and won’t leave you feeling too sore or sick. Unfortunately, the paramedics won’t spend their day waiting at the base of the trail for you, with their hiking gear ready in case you’re in trouble (sucks, right?). So plan what works best for your body!

2) Let people know where you are

To avoid another unwanted sequel to the Taken movies, it`s best you let your friends/family/guardians know where you’ll be—when and until what time—in case of an emergency. Although, we do know you’ll be blowing up Snapchat, giving everyone an unwanted play by play of the whole journey and all the scenery, so you should be fine.

3) Check the weather

Walking in the rain looks romantic and fun in movies, but when you’re dying of hypothermia and knee deep in wet mud, you’ll definitely be regretting that choice. Try to choose a mild day if you can—not too hot and definitely not rainy.

4) GEAR!!

This is where stuff gets real. If my hiking intensive taught me anything, it’s that the gear is more important than bringing underwear on this trip (please wear underwear, though). It’s super duper important that you’re comfortable on a hike. Get shoes specifically designed for hiking, or you’ll be like my classmate who kept sliding down the trail after every step we took uphill (it was hilarious, though—but don’t do this, please).

However, something that's just as important is your backpack! We all know your backpack is the most integral part of a successful adventure, thanks to Dora. You may not be able to find a talking backpack that can sing (if you do, please contact the authorities), but you sure as hell can find an awesome backpack that can make your life and your hike a breeze. You can check out some amazing Thanos-level-of- indestructible-gear here for a variety of selections from Ashbury’s Call Of The Wild Collection.

If you choose to hike regularly, you’ll find your backpack will be your saving grace.

Personally, I like to choose a backpack with mesh padding and waterproof resistance, because it creates a more comfortable and safe wear, like this one. I personally adore these bags because they can be taken out on a hike or just worn leisurely.

It’s nice to have an all-in-one convertible bag that’s fresh enough to be my book bag for classes, but also sturdy enough to be my athletic wear on a hike.

You want a bag that is coated with polyester, nylon or vinyl so that it’s water resistant and less likely to rip. In case you get mauled by a bear, at least the animal crackers in your backpack are safe.

I hope these tips have helped you out a little and that you’ll be planning out your next adventure with some awesome gear. Perhaps this has also helped you step outside of your house for once? Maybe? I tried.


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