Spring 2019 Fashion

Updated: May 6, 2019

Ahh, Spring! Fresh chilly mornings followed by blazing hot afternoons! Even though we can’t control the weather, we can make sure that you have 2019's spring fashion all mapped out!

It's time to look fresh and feel good. With all the new spring trends coming in, this article has got you covered with a short and sweet summary of this month's upcoming spring trends! Crisp, bright and cheerful colors are a staple for spring 2019. This season’s fashion is all about fun and vibrant hues, rather than those soft dull pastels we often see trending in the Spring. So, get those boring shades out of your closet and get ready to see some awesome eye-catching colors rocking the streets this month.

The first trending color of 2019 is none other than the most bright and lively yet, citron!

This color is essentially yellow, with slight hints of green, making it more of a neon than a pale yellow. It’s great for spring because, not only does it speak volumes with its vivid tones, but it’s also super original and has a great potential for elegance with the right accessories—the perfect element for any spring occasion! Want to be trendy without dedicating a whole outfit to citron? No worries! There’s not simply one way to use these trending colors! A handbag, hairband or even some earrings in citron can bring any outfit together. Spector & Co.’s Call of the Wild collection Drybag in this festive hue is both durable and waterproof, perfect for Spring days spent outdoors

The second color that’s been all the talk on the runways this season is persimmon.

I know this color sounds like a cleaning product, but it’s a beautiful, bold sunset mixed with red and orange tones. It’s akin to a salmon, but richer in its red hues; equal parts classy and fun with a hint mischief. This color has the potential to be flaunted at almost any occasion. Whether it’s the star of your outfit or just a piece of the puzzle, it’ll be dazzling. You can find persimmon accessories and handbags in Spector & Co.’s Make It Pop line. The Packable Backpack is a cute, small and compact accessory that can be used to add subtle style to your Spring outfits.

Last but not least, I present to you the wonderful and refreshing shamrock green!

This color can be described as a teal, but with darker green hues. It’s bold, crisp and even though it’s a bit darker, it’s definitely still considered striking and sensational. This color is remarkably versatile: with its deep green tones, it can easily be brought in a more formal setting with a shamrock green blouse or tie. However, don’t be afraid to wear it casually as some sneakers or a cap. Spector & Co. offers a range of wonderful accessories in this polished but amusing color, like our lightweight Donald Stereo Headphones. These headphones are not only astonishing in their high sound quality but also come in most of 2019’s spring-trending colors. You can listen to your favorite tunes and look stylish while doing it!

Hope this little guide helped you decide your style for this season! Happy Spring!

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