Promotional Products: Leading Advertiser of 2019

In the digital age, the notion of promotional products seems like a thing of the past. Suggested ads have taken over the internet (the creepy ones where you mention that thing you wanted once and now it’s spamming your Facebook), and celebrity promotional posts are the hottest new way to attract an audience on any brand. With most companies following the bandwagon and taking their ads—and sometimes, even their stores—completely online, it’s hard to see why people would want to revert back to something as traditional and tangible as promo products. But the statistics don’t lie: even in 2019, promotional products are one of the most effective ways to gain a loyal following and maintain relevance among consumers.

Research has shown that 9 out 10 North Americans report owning at least one promotional product, most of those being pens and drinkware.

Consumers have also reported using promotional desk accessories at least once a week (pens, power banks, journals, etc.), meaning that the most useful promotional products are the best kind and the ones that generate the most traffic.

More than half of Millennials have noted a more favorable opinion toward brands that give out useful promo products, especially those relevant to work and study. It has been found that pragmatic promotional products will leave an impression on not only those they are given out to but on others who see them as well—anywhere between 1400 - 3500 times in their use.

89% of consumers reported owning promotional writing instruments and 73% owning promotional bags.
More than half of those consumers reported that they are likely to do business again with the brand that gave it to them in the future.

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With that being said, promo products such as bags and desk accessories are also the most cost-effective way of advertising, costing anywhere between 1-3/10ths of a cent per impression. This is in comparison to the cost of a TV ad (an average of $115,000 for national 30-second airing) or a celebrity post (3000$ per 100,00 followers), which are both ridiculously expensive and don’t produce anywhere near as much positive feedback as promotional products. If you’re looking for a flawless way to promote your brand and generate the most consumer traffic without breaking the bank, then it’d be in your best interest to look into promotional products and customizable branding. Spector & Co. offers a variety of customizable and affordable promotional products, varying from bags to pens to many other accessories.

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