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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Some people have the luxury of spending their holidays surrounded by margaritas and an ocean breeze, but the rest of us spend our holidays in the company of icy sidewalks and warm beverages. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing!

Nothing beats the sentimental feeling of cozying up by the fire with family, cheesy holiday music and warm eggnog (that nobody actually drinks)—and every year, we find more things to make our indoor days the best days. This year, to beat the cold winter blues and make your indoor holidays the most festive yet, why not spice it up with something different? Here are some of the things that personally made my holiday season the best one yet.

The holidays aren’t the holidays without some tunes, but the low-quality phone speakers might not cut it this year over the bolstering voices of family chatter. Get the sound quality your holidays need to party it up. Spector & Co.’s Addi Flash wireless speakers give life to any event! Make your party more festive than ever with bright LED lights that pulsate to the rhythm of your music. This multifunctional speaker delivers an impressive quality of sound on which you can do more than bust some tunes—answer calls, or crank up the radio with the FM radio receiver. Simply insert an MSD card or USB key, or connect one of your devices to play, pause, or skip your songs!

Products shown: G3033 & ST4143

Perhaps you’re looking for a more quiet and creative way to spend your holidays? Take this time to relax and find your muse by jotting down your thoughts in these awesome journals. The hard cover Neoskin ® journal comes in a variety of bright, festive colors—you can even pair it with a matching Melody ballpoint pen! Whether you’re documenting creative ideas or penning new holiday recipes, this colorful journal will have plenty of space with its 192 ivory-lined pages. Keep important pages marked with the ribbon bookmark, or slip holiday cards in the interior pocket.

If you’re more into neutral colors with a festive spin, the Diamond soft cover journal offers customizable covers of any lively design of your choice! These festive items will be sure to brighten your holiday spirits and your imagination.

Or maybe you’re spending your holidays being the designated photographer instead of Santa’s DJ—that’s great too! But on the flip side, you might not have $1500 to spend on a DSLR, and your stingy siblings won’t let you touch theirs. Good thing Spector & Co.’s Mirage Clip-on Mobile Lens turns your phone into a mobile photography power house. This 3-in-1 kit includes professional lenses to take your photography skills to the next level. Get up close and personal with the macro lens for detailed shots, make it groovy and fun with the fisheye lens, or use the wide-angle lens for large shots of group photos with the family this holiday. Keep this clever kit neat and organized with the included velvet pouch, making you prepared for any occasion! Don’t let the best memories of your holiday season be forgotten this year.

I hope these little things help make a big difference to you, your friends’ & your family’s celebrations this season as much as they did mine! Happy Holidays!


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