Every Day is Earth Day 🌎

The future of our ever-changing world is taking charge, and it’s only a matter of time before the act of going green is implemented everywhere.

Sustainability is the absolute core of eco-friendly living, and it’s something that has been advanced greatly in the past years, from solar panel-operated homes to electric cars. It’s also something that is constantly being pushed by us here at Spector & Co., and each step has made an incredible difference.

We have gone through great lengths with our green initiative, fully implementing the 3 R's that everyone knows into our daily product and work:

It’s not only been used within the company itself, but it has also been extended to the employees in order to spread the green lifestyle outside of their professional lives.

Here are a few examples of implementing the 3 R's:

1. We have made it a priority to make sure that all our returned items are put back to good use—and any part that is no longer used is recycled or repurposed for other products, regardless of cost. Sustainability and reducing waste are our priority over all.

2. We have made all our machinery electric, reducing the amount of harmful bi-products that tend to come about during production. On top of this we have also taken the step to change all factory lighting from halogen to LED. This switch represents the equivalent to 52 cars off the road, or more than 60 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

3. For commute-related issues we have added electric car charging stations and offer reduced rates for our team members that use public transit. To further promote our desire for less fuel-consuming cars on the road, our HR department fought to implement a bus stop closer to our building!

4. We also support remote work! An average car produces nearly 5 metric tons of CO2 each year. Considering the lack of commute needed for remote workers, supporting such job positions means saving on nearly 1.2 gallons of gasoline per day. As telecommuters rely on a computer and cloud-based software for most of their projects, they also save on a great deal of paper for scanning, filing, mailing, and printing.

Spector & Co. has continuously pushed for sustainability each year. In 2015, we turned 50% of 18,000 kg of hazardous and contaminated waste into energy. By 2017, it was up top 75%. The goal for 2020 is 100%.

Going forward, we have incredible plans to further reduce our carbon footprint. To organize our goals, we’ve already put together a cross departmental Sustainability Committee. Plans to make most plastics, contaminated inks, scraps of various materials and rags into 100% energy are already in the works, and efforts are being made daily to reach that goal and continue our positive impact on the environment.

We don't only help the environment behind-the-scenes—we also offer top-of-the-line eco-friendly products, and this range of green items is constantly being expanded. We offer everything from unique bamboo-made pens and holders to a beautiful line of bags, passports, and pens created entirely from recycled plastic bottles, called Aqua. Disposable pens are a big contributor to landfill waste, which is why we also offer eco-friendly pens with a refillable ink feature.

Even small considerations such as these are incredibly impactful, especially when they touch people outside of their workplace, allowing them to spread it to others. The future is bright and for us—bright, and green!

Happy Earth Day. Let's make sure it's happy.