Don’t ‘Leaf’ Your Fitness Behind

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Now that summer is over, and the time of pumpkin spice lattes and early sunsets are upon us, that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate!

Statistics have shown that people who take a break from fitness during the cold seasons have a 20% decrease in cardiopulmonary fitness within a mere three to eight weeks of not exercising.

Not only that, but most of the health advantages and improvements you gained over the summer are lost during your “seasonal break”, and the gained weight is harder to lose once you get back into exercising. The stuffed turkey and holiday gluttony doesn’t sound so great when you’re crying on a treadmill in April, does it?

But fear not! Colder seasons don’t always mean dull and forced trips to the local gym every other day. The fall is brimming with bright colors and crisp air. Warm sweaters and knitted hats. Hot drinks and seasonal foods. With that comes new and exclusive opportunities for seasonal fitness!

Biking is one of my personal fall favorites! Step outside, breathe in that cool, refreshing air, and take yourself on a mini-adventure through a landscape of colorful trees and a quiet atmosphere for the last time this season—one without the annoying bugs that plague your summer experience. Since the sun is slowly leaving us behind, it’s important to have the proper gear during these outdoor activities to ensure your warmth and safety. You want to make sure you have high quality gear that’ll keep you warm no matter what the chill, but who says you have to give up style for quality? Put away your granny Michelin Man-looking gear, honey.

Martini Olive is one of the biggest 2018 fall fashion colors. It’s a deep gray-green that may remind you of army green but smoother and more urban. You can find high-quality gear in this sophisticated and trendy color to bring on rides here, from the Ashbury Call of the Wild collection. Its waterproof feature keeps all of your belongings safe and dry, even during those rainy fall days. The roll-down top allows you to expand or downsize your main storage for ultimate customizability, leaving no room for you worries about not have enough space (pun intended)!

Don’t like biking, hiking or running? No problem! Staying in shape doesn’t always have to feel like another task. Small but effective exercises can be found in more fun fall activities such as pumpkin patch/apple picking! This activity combines fitness with entertainment, allowing you to focus on all the fun! Take friends and family for a day out in nature, hoist up a few pumpkins (bicep curls, anyone?), and go on a walk choosing delicious fruit to bake pies with grandma. I like to keep stuff simple and efficient when it comes to family fun. Just because you’re the designated snack-and-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink carrier, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort! Don’t carry around that bulky lackluster backpack.

One of my most treasured bags that’s stylish but efficient, without all that extra stuff, is Ashbury’s Drawstring Backpack from their Atheisure line. The large, exterior zipped compartment allows you to bring along your favorite snacks and essentials, while the interior water bottle compartment makes sure you stay hydrated for any activity. Lightweight comfort is priority in this design, with its breathable mesh-covering and padded back. Don’t let a heavy backpack weigh you down!

Who needs summer to depend on a fit life when the beautiful autumn offers its own fun and colorful activities? Whether you want to break a sweat or take it easy, there are always ways to have a good, healthy time—make it a hearty one!

Colder seasons shouldn't stop you from staying in shape nor from staying in style.

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