Branding: The Story of Your Team

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Products shown: G3156, G3157, G1274 & T127

Do you feel like your workplace is lacking cooperation and zeal? Do you want your secretary Suzan to stop putting potential customers on hold so that she can file her nails? This kind of behavior is caused by a lack of team spirit, and team spirit is the very glue that bonds any group and leads it to victory (we’re talking to you, Suzan). It is built through trust, loyalty, and pride. Successful team spirit starts with branding. A statistical survey, conducted by British Petroleum after their revamped look, logo, and motto, found that:

76% of the employees felt more favorable towards the company.
80% of the employees were more mindful and familiar with the company’s values and new brand message.

The dismissal of the old-fashioned cooperation and the welcoming of an open and collaborative new name made employees feel comfortable in their environment, allowing for a development of team spirit and the familiarity of company values that only rose sales and productivity.

Products shown: G1276, G1277 & G1278

A “two-way branding system”, this type of marketing appeals not only to consumers, but also to the team running the company. The same statistics can be applied to a sports team, in which the act of branding a group of individuals entices feelings of loyalty, pride, and respect. This in turn provokes team spirit, and all the positive results that come with it. The comradery created between a group of people through specific branding—whether that may be logos, mottos, or even attire—has been statistically proven to strengthen the productivity and efficient outcomes of businesses. Like any other team, sports teams are a business too, and the athletes need to be shown as much representation and branding as any other enterprise.

Ashbury, a collection of bags ranging from business to athletic by Montreal-based company Spector & Co., have the perfect services to cater to your team’s needs. The Beast Gear’s line of duffel bags are lightweight and padded for ultimate comfort, and the separate, water-proof compartments for shoes, socks, and all your electronic devices, assures you both organization and safety for all your belongings (except for your manicure kit—leave that at home). It’s carry-on friendly for all the long trips to tournaments and matches, so you never have to worry about dragging around a massive luggage.

For something in the summer during outdoor training, the Beast Gear Cooler backpack is an absolute must. Designed for the ultimate training day, this backpack has a large insulated compartment that can fit 28 cans—so you’ll have plenty of room for your energy drinks, snack bars, and more!

The insulated compartment keeps your food cool and fresh for up to 24 hours, and the water-resistant lining will prevent any spills or messes. Spector & Co. offers a branding feature on both Beast Gear products, allowing you to represent your company in the most stylish and prideful way!

Your brand is your story, and nobody wants to be part of a boring story—so make it an interesting one.

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