Ashbury’s 2019 Collections

Convenient, chic, and stylish—that’s just a few of the words to describe some of Ashbury’s hottest collections and designs. From business to athletic gear, these versatile bags have got you covered in face of any adventure.

With an exciting summer comes exciting news, and Ashbury is preparing to introduce new products with a thrilling launch. Here are 3 things you can expect from it:

1. There will be 11 bags

That's right! 11 brand new bags for you to soon choose from!

2. The bags will be featured from 3 different collections

Nomad Must Haves, Call of the Wild and...

3. Collection X

Among the three collections there will be an all-new line called Collection X. With Nomad Must Haves and Call of the Wild joining the anticipated collection launch, you can expect cool, urban bags with modern designs.

With new bags and an entire collection coming out, keep a look-out for Ashbury’s 2019 releases!

Too hyped to wait?

Take a look at our other collections to find your #AshburyStyle!