3 Tips for Short Trips!

Small travels can be exciting: they’re short, cheaper, and often act as a quick getaway in the place of an extravagant vacation. However, like most trips, they can also be a hassle when it comes to packing, organizing, and commuting.

Whether you’re going to see a concert in the next state or going on a short business trip, here are some tips to make the most out of even the smallest of trips.


Luggage can be a drag—literally. To ease the tedious process of travelling, opt for a carry-on, rather than having to check in you bags. Not only will you be saving money by avoiding a check-in fee, but you’ll also be saving time by steering clear of those lengthy lines just to give in your luggage. In order to do this smoothly, you’re going to need a convenient and compact bag to safely store all your important belongings, while still having easy access to it without rummaging through your clothes to find your passport. The Overnight Backpacker is the perfect bag to get the job done: with large, media and stationary-dedicated compartments, you’ll have enough space for clothes and toiletries without having to mix everything into one giant mess. Make sure to also keep your passport safe with the Fabrizio Passport Holder, packed with card holders and an RFID shield.


Cut down on gadgets. Bringing too many gadgets and gizmos will inevitably make your bag heavier, and you’ll be more likely to misplace things. Try to condense everything into one item: you can download your books, music, and games/activities directly on to a smartphone to ditch the tablet. Don’t want to have to constantly carry your phone? Check out the Sling Bag. Small and efficient, this cross-body bag keeps your important essentials, like your cash and passport, zipped securely inside. The fleece lined front pocket is perfect for protecting your delicate items such as your phone or sunglasses.


Don’t overpack. Sure, if you’re going on business trip or concert, you’ll want to look your best. You might want to bring your entire makeup bag or whole closet, but that’ll only weigh you down and most likely make your trip more of a hassle with aching shoulders. To keep your bag light but properly packed, load travel-size multi-use products, such as small containers of eyeshadow or small bottles of lotion. If you’re staying at a hotel, most of them will provide you will necessities such as shampoos, soaps, toothpastes and toothbrushes free of charge—just ask the front desk if it’s not already provided in your room. The best part is you can safely pack them all into one convenient accessory case where its water resistant material protects your other belongings from any unwanted spills.

Travelling doesn’t always have to be a hassle, and each trip can be incredibly memorable with the right tools and accessories. Take control of your trips with these wonderful suggestions, and happy travels!

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